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Lauro Roger Portfolio

Digital Curriculum Vitae

Curitiba, Brazil                                                                                   Phone: +55 41 9870-3471

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I am a high level experienced web designer with 9 years in the IT industry including: responsiveness to tablets, smartphones, desktop, 4 and 5k monitors, mobile app design, Apple and Google platforms expert, SEO specialist, social media manager, front-end developer, UX and UI Designer. Throughout my career I have built up excellent willingness to learn, organization, responsibility, commitment, dynamism and high capacity to lead and problem solving skills all of which allows me deliver best in class performance and results. Coming up with new and innovative ideas are passions of mine. 

Willingness to learn, organization, responsibility, commitment, dynamism and high capacity to lead, are qualities I own and makes me qualified to hold positions of trust and responsibility.

Technical Skill Set

Main Technologies


Operating Systems

Other Technologies

•          HTML / HTML5

•          CSS / CSS3

•          SEO

•          Bootstrap 3

•          WoodWing

•          Digital Publishing

•          Social Media Manager

•          JavaScript

•          PHP

•          MySQL

•          APIs

•          ObjectiveC

•        Video Editing

•          Fireworks

•          Photoshop

•          InDesign

•          Illustrator

•          Dreamweaver

•          Edge

•          Premiere Pro

•          After Effects



•          Joomla

•          WordPress

•          Drupal

•        Magento

•          Mac OS X

•          Windows

•          Linux

•          iOS

•          Android

•          Windows Phone



•          Google Analytics

•          AdSense

•          AdWords

•          Webmaster tools

•          Maps API


•          C++

•          xCode

•          Eclipse

•          Titanium

•          GitHub

•          SVN / Tortoise

•          E-commerce

•          iTunnes Connect

•          UI Design

•          UX Design

•          Hootsuit

•          Feedburner

•          Video Editing

•        Flash animation



2006-2010               Faculdades SPEI: Bachelor of Information System.

2012-2014               PUCPR - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná: Technologic of Digital Games


One year of experience in performing computer maintenance, monitoring, user assistance, editing projects, logos, websites and research in social work at Santa Barbara State College in Adrianópolis – Paraná - Brazil. Been responsible for assisting students and teachers in the computer lab and getting recognition for good performance.

One year and six months on the website "HowStuffWorks – HSW Brazil" ( a division from the US: a subsidiary from Discovery Networks, working as web designer, managing content, processing and translating images, advertisement art creation for still graphics and animated contents, editing HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP and other languages, using software such as Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign from Adobe and Eclipse. Also helping Chinese version:, producing and sending them editable graphics for easily translation.

With several websites on the Internet designed to customers and to enrich the portfolio. Among these ones, the site: “A Folha de Adrianópolis” working as the editor, responsible journalist and webmaster; writing the articles; taking pictures, shooting videos on developing news, interviewing people as a reporter, including several Brazilian artists and politicians; editor for videos, newspaper book designer, marketing, etc.

Three years as a digital publisher, web designer, Apple App Store and Google Play publisher at CINQ Technologies, got high recognition. Job advancement and salary increase 3 times in less than one year for doing much more than I had been hired for. Led the Digital Publishing team, making publications of magazines, newspapers and books for iPad and Android Tablets, including major news company in Brazil, using InDesign and WoodWing software to transform printed media, such as newspaper, magazines, books, etc. To fully interactive iOS and Android based devices applications, website development, app designing, UI and UX adviser and expertise, mobile website; coached the team of editors, journalists and finalists of the Exponent Group on how to publish content to iPad and Android based devices. I led all the app publications in Apple App Store and Google Play. I was responsible and configured the MundoPM magazine to become the first Brazilian magazine in the Apple Newsstand, reported in various news organizations mainly on those about technology and Apple products. Being a frequent speaker on technology, development of mobile applications, trends and design thinking, including the Fair PUC Talent in 2013. Voted for Vice President of Internal Committee for Accident Prevention in 2012. Chosen, due to my experience, to participate in the Socio-Environmental Responsibility Committee, leading project as the Earth Hour, Donate Heat, Christmas for our Children, High Nutrients Milk for a NGO who take care of people with cancer, SOS Adrianópolis, Easter with Solidarity, etc. Did the design and the HTML / CSS / JavaScript for the CheckMob site ( also helped in the application programming and have made the publication for its application. Chosen to work in Atlanta, Georgia as a designer / web master of a project for SITA Aero.

Great skills on solving problems and seeking alternative solutions, I had worked in favour of the community at large, organizing and co-chairing a NGO that was aimed at self-development of the Vale do Ribeira, a valley struck in poverty in Brazil.

Advanced knowledge in Windows, Linux, Mac and Internet.


A50 (A Folha de Adrianópolis)                                                            Aug. 2008 – Jan. 2015

Web Master | Front-end Developer | Social Media Manager

A50 (, A Folha de Adrianópolis. ( the leader and reference Newspaper and digital news agency for the Ribeira Valley in Brazil, consecutively awarded as best local news vehicle, website and newspaper, information fair and balanced from the region.

Key Projects:

  • Elections dates, real time information providing by XML real time results from the electronic votes in two different years.
  • Weather forecast page, a PHP, CSS and graphic design made to impress the public with high quality images and especial effects depending on the time of the day, the forecast and the temperature, giving a real feel for the weather outside.
  • WordPress to Joomla migration, in 2010 the whole website get through a big change on its core, from WordPress to Joomla CMS, exporting and importing all its contents.
  • 2016 Election coverage, video reporting, live news, anchor and reporter.

I was responsible for:

  • Designing the template for the website, in its several changes;
  • Implementing key features within the Social Networking Gateway such as: integrating new Social Networking API's, and developing a retry mechanism for uploading media files and login;
  • Video editing and special effects.
  • Overview of operations deployments to production servers;
  • Testing, executing and performing maintenance on server and production website;
  • Migrating the whole website into a new platform and making sure everything would work properly in the new version.
  • Social Media Management, posting, answering, resolving issues, etc.

Key Technology used:

Joomla 2.5, 3.0, HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, XML, WordPress, Facebook API, Google AdWords, FeedBurner, MySQL, JIRA, Hootsuite Social Tool, Video Editing;



CINQ Technologies                                                               Jan. 2011 – Apr. 2014

Designer | Digital Publisher | Front End Developer

CINQ Technologies ( is a Brazilian company with 23 years of experience in the national and international IT market. By developing mission-critical software solutions for the Financial, Air Travel, Telecom industries and Healthcare segments, CINQ invests in continuous innovation, productivity and quality programs, therefore it is certified in ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI level 3.

Key Projects: 

  • Digital Publishing, turning magazines, books, newspapers into interactive digital rich content for iPads and Android tablets devices.
  • B2B Customer care and support, for major companies such as Gazeta do Povo, Expoente, GVT, Bematech and Aymará.
  • CheckMob app (iOS and Android) and website with responsiveness, designing and coding both applications.
  • Teaching Editors, graphic designers and IT people of Expoente Company on how to set up, implement and deploy digital publishing content as rich media into a device.
  • MundoPM, the first Brazilian magazine to be featured on the Apple Newsstand.

I was responsible for:

  • Implementing features and turning static content into fully interactive rich content, respecting UX Design;
  • Leading the Digital Publishing Team and publications to the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Debugging issues and Problem Solving, on deploys into devices and on the servers.
  • Testing of existing solutions;
  • SEO expert and adviser of the company’s website;
  • Art creation, user cases, documentations and instructions on how to, using graphics to illustrate;
  • Development and maintenance of apps;

Key Technology used:

WoodWing, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Eclipse, SVN, Subversion, XML, Bootstrap, Objective-C, HTML 5, CSS 3, iTunnes Connect, Developer Apple, JavaScript, UI and UX Design, responsiveness, iMovie, Premiere Pro, xCode, Titanium, TeamViewer, QRCode, Passbook.


HowStuffWorks Brazil                                                             Jan. 2006 – Jul. 2007

Web Designer

HowStuffWorks Brazil ( a multinational award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works. It’s also available in English (USA) ( and in Chinese (

I was responsible for:

  • Images and info-graphics editing, creation and translations;
  • Creating and editing Flash animations and illustrations;
  • Coding and analysing HTML, CSS and PHP files;
  • Site design and front-end development for UOL (the biggest internet company in Brazil)

Key Technology used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Eclipse, DreamWeaver, Akamai, HSW CMS. Tortoise SVN.


LRMcK                                                                    Jan. 2002 – nowadays

Web Designer | Front-end Developer

LRMcK ( is my personal company as a freelancer, I’ve been creating a strong visual content  and powerful web applications through those 13 years.

I am responsible for:

  • Prototyping, scratching, and designing projects for costumers to approve.
  • Designing and coding rich web applications, with CMS and self-authority content.
  • Image editing, creation and treatment, animations and interactive contents;
  • On-Going maintenance with live systems.
  • Responsiveness, mobile framework creation, social media API’s, SEO, etc.


  • BritneyNIZER, ( test server) a fan-made website with rich content about one of the biggest pop stars of all time, with animations, forums, community and wiki system and e-commerce all inside a Joomla framework.
  • Jogue Bola, ( test server) a website about a FOX game app on Facebook and other social media called Bola, with chat, community, forums, bids, online tournaments, e-commerce, three different languages and heavily updated with tons of contents and exclusive media.
  • ProjetoX, ( test server) hotsite for a Music Festival in Adrianópolis Town, metropolitan region in the city of Curitiba.
  • Bolas Fora [Maybe NSFW] ( test server) a comedian blog with a huge audience in 2009~2010.

Key technologies:

  • Joomla, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Image editing, MySQL, E-mail Marketing,
  • SEO, Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Joomla, HTML 5, CSS 3, FTP, PHP, VMWare, SSH, JavaScript, BootStrap, MySQL, WordPress, Fireworks, Photoshop, Apple Standards for web content.


Technical Courses Completed

2006     Opet Works                          Web Design

2006     Opet Works                          Computer Assembly and Hardware Maintenance

2007     SEBRAE                               Leadership, How to be a great leader

2008     SEBRAE                               Young Entrepreneur

2011     CINQ Technologies                HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

2012     CINQ Technologies                Internal Committee for Accident Prevention

2012     Harvard Extension School      iOS Programming

2012     Harvard Extension School      Design Thinking based on User Experience

2013     Microsoft                              Windows Phone with Windows Azure



  • Portuguese: Native
  • English: Advanced

Awards and recognitions

  • Selected by CINQ Technologies as the one among 200 co-workers to work for SITA Aero in Atlanta, USA, as Web Designer and Front-end Developer.
  • A Folha de Adrianopolis, the newspaper I created and run since day one, was voted the best Regional Newspaper of the year from 2010 to 2014 by public choice.
  • UOL, the biggest website company in Brazil chosen me to design and develop a hotsite for an event for public bids in Brazil.
  • In CINQ Technologies, I gain a salary raise 3 times in less than two years, as recognition for my hardworking and unexpected efforts towards the company.
  • Was the speaker to a crowd of around 80 people at a career forum at the Catholic University of the State of Parana, Brazil, talking about mobile, trends, market, development and several other presentations by CINQ Technologies
  • Developed and published the Brazilian very first magazine on the Apple iPad's Newsstand the MundoPM magazine. Received a considerable ammount of attention on the news media across the country.


  • Coding and designing at home, I’m always working on my websites, or learning something new to implement on.
  • Apple Products affectionate, new Technologies and Innovations.
  • Video Games, Movies, Series, traveling, also love watching videos and reading magazines of how-to something.


  • Customer Service, fast paced environment experiences, working under pressure;
  • A huge and constantly growing knowledge on technology products and services such as computer, software, hardware, mobile industry, Apple Products, and other electronic products.
  • Leading, coaching, developing people, performance management.
  • Enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking with a strong commitment to quality, high standards, service and customer care, great ability to work within a team environment as well as on my own initiative.
  • Management and Marketing;
  • Apple Standards and Development, Digital publishing, iBook Author, WoodWing, SmartConnection;


  • Available on Request;