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BritneyNIZER is a fan website about the American pop singer Britney Spears, developed and designed in the mid 2008 to help spread her brand new album "Circus".

This Website was available in 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), something that was never done before. It was praised by the singer team via Twitter. 

The website was developed using Joomla CMS, PHP and also Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop for the design. 

Album art has been used to represent each era and each album, single or EP from Mrs Spears including the CD/DVD original cover and disc.

Also an Adobe Flash animation as the intro "Coming Soon" was produced with latest technology that brings a Womanizer video still of Britney Spears, with recreated a part of her hair for to suit the transparent effect so it can show the animation on the background.

The BritneyNizer Remix for Womanizer was produced to be the website soundtrack, with a whole new approach. It has reached thousands of people on the internet and was available to download for free on the site, scoring multiple plays on Last.Fm. 

Página de abertura
"Coming Soon" website intro.
Arte de albuns reproduzidos com maxima fidelidade, incluindo suas respectivas mídias.
Albums art was recreated with a high fidelity, including its discs.
Itens gráficos de cada era, usadas para distinguir cada álbum.
Era art with items from every album.

To check a part of the website, follow this test server link and enjoy: