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My own company as I work as freelancer, developing websites and creating my own portfolio.

This is where I got the most and richest experiences on designing and developing websites so far.

Here are some exemples:

BritneyNIZER, ( (test server)) a fanmade website with rich content about one of the biggest pop stars of all time, with animations, forum, community and wiki system and e-commerce all inside a Joomla framework.


Jogue Bola, ( (test server)) a website about a FOX game app on Facebook and other social media called Bola, with chat, community, forum, bids, online tournaments, e-commerce, three different languages and heavily updates with tons of contents and exclusive media.


PrejetoX, ( (test server)) hotsite for a Music Festival in Adrianópolis Town metropolitan region of the city of Curitiba.


Bolas Fora [Maybe NSFW] ( (test server)) a comedian blog with a huge audience in 2009~2010.


As long with many others.



Code 9 Movie